“Bass”-ics of Life


“Uncertain,” “unprecedented.” If we’ve heard these words once in the last few months, we’ve heard them seemingly a million times It’s become almost cringeworthy (insert the eye-roll emoji here lol). I will attempt to use them differently today. For people who are “uncertain,” we have an “unprecedented” opportunity to share the love of Christ with everyone around us. We have all kinds of “unprecedented” ways to reach others and add to the Kingdom. The Bible says that we are to love one another and speak the Truth to people with an equal amount of love and grace. We’re not supposed to be beating people over the head with scriptures. Even if what we are saying is true, we are supposed to approach people in love.

Let’s face it, people are looking even harder in today’s time for something real to put their faith in. Why not take advantage of the “unprecedented” time God has given us to show “uncertain” people can be held in His loving arms. Sometimes we just need to climb up in Abba Father’s loving arms and rest in the Love that only He can provide. Through God’s people, and with the Holy Spirit’s help, we can set a “precedent” to people that they can be “certain” of their relationship with Jesus. They can be “certain” that Jesus loves YOU and wants a close personal relationship with you. I’m “certain” that our JOY, not just “fun” but real, deep, and genuine JOY, can be yours. Jesus is getting ready to call the Church Home. And our celebration with truly be “unprecedented. 

Be Blessed y’all! Take a look at  these scriptures that give a glimpse of God’s Love.

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